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Long Live Rock and Roll

Detailed cuesheet information

Title Long Live Rock and Roll
Artist Daughtry
Level Easy Intermediate
Setup Line
Tempo 114 BPM
Choreographer(s) Hendrik Lanatowitz
Adapted by
Album Long Live Rock & Roll (single)
Length 3:37
ECTA-Repertoire experimental

Files attached to record

Events this song was taught

Event Teacher Comment
Country- & Western Dance 2015 Hendrik Lanatowitz
ECTA Clog Convention 2015 Hendrik Lanatowitz

Steps in this dance

Step Level ECTA Steplist Comment
Basic Basic main list
Basic Brush Basic main list
Cowboy Basic main list
Fancy Double Basic main list
Jazz Box Basic main list slow
Push Off Basic main list
Rocking Chair Basic main list
Triple Basic main list
Vine 8 Basic main list
Basketball Turn Easy Intermediate main list slow
Heel Walk Easy Intermediate main list
Karate Easy Intermediate main list
Mountain Basic Easy Intermediate main list
Samantha Easy Intermediate main list
Turkey Easy Intermediate main list
Jack & Jill Easy Intermediate extended list

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