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Artist Level
Comments on Basic Brush
1001 Arabian Nights Chipz High Int no 06/2020
A Night like this (SH ad. , ) Caro Emerald EZ Int no 04/2015
Africa Rose Laurens Basic yes 02/2012
Alkohol Herbert Grönemeyer EZ no 08/2009
All Men Are Liars Nick Lowe EZ Int no 07/2010
Alles Glück der Erde Jördis Tielsch EZ Int no 02/2013
Another Day Sophie Ellis-Bextor EZ no 02/2012
Attention Charlie Puth High Int no 04/2024
Bad Michael Jackson EZ Int no 02/2013
Because we can Bon Jovi EZ Int no 07/2023
Billy B Bad George Jones Basic no 07/2009
Bit By Bit Stephanie Mills Int no 10/2013
Blow Boys Blow Santiano EZ Int no 08/2013
Born To Be Yours Kygo
Imagine Dragons
EZ Int no 03/2019
ChaChaCha auf'm Dach Wise Guys Int no 07/2010
Change Daniel Merriweather Int no 11/2012
Ciao Adios Anne-Marie Int no 07/2017
Consider me gone Reba McEntire Int no 04/2011
Country Roads Hermes House Band Basic no 08/2009
Cry Mandy Moore Int no 11/2010
Dan The Banjo Man Dan The Banjo Man Basic no 08/2009
Dance with the One That Brought You Shania Twain Basic no 07/2010
Death to My Hometown Bruce Springsteen EZ no 07/2013
Deeper than the Holler Randy Travis EZ no 03/2012
Don't gimme that (TK ad. , ) The BossHoss Basic yes 07/2012
Dreams Gabrielle EZ Int no 11/2016
East Bound And Down Jerry Reed EZ no 04/2011
Endless Summer Oceana EZ no 02/2013
Eye of the Tiger Survivor Int no 07/2010
Fireflies Owl City EZ no 08/2010
Forever and Ever Amen (SM ad. , AH) Randy Travis Basic no 11/2010
Fortune Great Big Sea Int no 05/2012
Freaks Timmy Trumpet High Int no 04/2018
Friends Marshmello
EZ no 09/2018
Geboren um zu leben Unheilig EZ Int no 02/2011
Good Time Owl City
Carly Rae Jepson
EZ Int no 11/2012
Haven't Met You Yet Michael Bublé Int no 07/2010
Help pour out the Rain Buddy Jewell EZ no 02/2013
Home Jack Savoretti EZ no 03/2016
Home to Louisiana Ann Tayler EZ no 07/2010
Hooked On Classics Louis Clark Int experimental 10/2022
Hot Fudge Robbie Williams Int no 08/2010
Huckleberry Toby Keith Basic no 01/2022
I'm a Believer Smash Mouth Basic no 07/2009
I'm All About You Rea Garvey Basic no 09/2016
I'm Gonna Get You Good Shania Twain Int no 04/2015
If a Song Could Get Me You Marit Larsen EZ Int no 09/2009
In April Wonderwall Basic no 11/2010
Jeden Tag mehr Montez Basic experimental 07/2023
Jetzt geht's los Höhner EZ no 08/2009
Joy Bastille EZ no 08/2019
Karma Chameleon Culture Club EZ Int no 07/2010
La Cintura Alvaro Soler Int no 03/2023
Ladies Love Country Boys Trace Adkins Int no 07/2009
LDN Lily Allen EZ no 07/2010
Let's Get Loud Jennifer Lopez Int no 02/2012
Life Is a Flower Ace Of Base EZ Int no 02/2013
Lila Wolken Marteria
Miss Platnum
Basic no 08/2013
Locomotion Kylie Minogue EZ Int no 09/2013
Long Hard Road Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Basic no 02/2012
Long Live Rock and Roll Daughtry EZ Int no 08/2015
Love Gets Me Every Time Shania Twain Int no 07/2010
McBrides Leahy Int no 03/2024
Miracle Julian Perretta Int no 02/2017
Mountain Music Alabama EZ Int yes 03/2024
My Heart Goes Boom Charmed Int no 04/2018
Natural Imagine Dragons EZ no 07/2019
Need You Now Lady Antebellum EZ no 02/2014
Neutron Dance The Pointer Sisters Basic no 04/2020
New Soul Yael Naim Basic yes 07/2009
Nitty Gritty Kimberly Cole EZ Int no 10/2016
On The Boat To Liverpool Nathan Carter EZ Int no 02/2015
One Promise Too Late Reba McEntire EZ Int no 07/2010
Papa loved Mama Garth Brooks EZ Int no 11/2012
Photosynthesis Frank Turner EZ Int no 11/2016
Play My Darling Play Katzenjammer Basic no 07/2010
Renegades X Ambassadors EZ no 04/2016
Riding Free Maisy Stella EZ Int no 04/2020
Rolling On Your Track Dave Dudley Basic no 07/2014
Run Runaway Slade EZ no 07/2010
Sail Away The Oak Ridge Boys Basic no 02/2013
Shake it off Taylor Swift High Int no 08/2015
Shooting Stars & Fairy Tales Mrs. Greenbird EZ Int no 04/2014
Sie schreit nur noch bei Zalando Ina Müller EZ no 02/2015
Smack Dab in the Middle of Love Lionel Cartwright Int no 08/2010
Stardust Lena Meyer-Landrut Basic no 08/2015
Stay the Night James Blunt EZ Int no 02/2013
Summer Wine Ville Valo
Natalia Avelon
Basic no 08/2009
Tanzen (MB, BB, MC, IZ, FE, BF, JG, SK, HL, GM, VM, SP, CT, GU, Nv, CW, SV, KR, TK ad. , ) Rockstroh EZ Int no 12/2010
Tanzen (MB, BB, MC, IZ, BF, JG, SK, HL, GM, VM, SP, CT, GU, Nv, CW, SV, KR ad. , SK, GM) Rockstroh EZ Int no 04/2011
The Art of Entertainment Cathy Kimlicko Basic no 02/2012
The Edge of Glory Lady Gaga Int no 10/2013
The Voice of Freedom DJ Bobo Basic no 07/2010
This is the life Amy Macdonald EZ no 07/2010
Tie a Yellow Ribbon Tony Orlando Basic no 07/2014
Tuesday Burak Yeter
Danelle Sandoval
Basic no 07/2017
Una Notte Speciale Alice Basic no 02/2014
Up in the Sky 77 Bombay Street EZ Int no 04/2024
Vayamos Compañeros Marquess EZ Int no 11/2010
Walk of Life Dire Straits Basic no 02/2013
We Weren't Born to Follow Bon Jovi EZ Int no 07/2010
Western Skies Chris LeDoux Basic no 02/2013
What Do You Know Soulé Basic no 06/2019
When The Beat Drops Out Marlon Roudette Int no 05/2015
When We Stand Together Nickelback Basic no 02/2012
When You Know Shawn Colvin Basic no 02/2013
Wish You Were Beer The Reklaws
James Barker Band
Int yes 10/2022
Your Back Yard Burton Cummings EZ no 06/2011

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