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Artist Level
Comments on Vine 8
(It´s Gonna Be) Okay Piano Guys Int no 03/2024
1973 James Blunt Int no 02/2012
A Light That Never Comes Linkin Park Adv no 05/2020
A Night like this (SH ad. , ) Caro Emerald EZ Int no 04/2015
Africa Rose Laurens Basic yes 02/2012
Alane Wes Basic no 07/2014
All Because Of You Blackmore's Night EZ Int no 08/2013
All I Am Jess Glynne EZ Int no 05/2020
All Men Are Liars Nick Lowe EZ Int no 07/2010
All Shook Up Elvis Presley Basic no 02/2011
Another Day Sophie Ellis-Bextor EZ no 02/2012
Anyone For You George Ezra EZ Int no 10/2022
Anyone Of Us Gareth Gates EZ Int no 04/2018
Are Your Eyes Still Blue Shane McAnally EZ Int no 02/2012
Around the world ATC EZ Int no 02/2012
Baby Clean Bandit
Marina and the Diamonds
Luis Fonsi
Int no 08/2019
Backtrack Rebecca Ferguson EZ Int no 09/2013
Bad Michael Jackson EZ Int no 02/2013
Banana Coco (CW) Liza Da Costa Basic no 02/2015
Banana Coco (CW ad. , BB) Liza Da Costa Basic yes 07/2010
Be the One Dua Lipa EZ no 10/2016
Because we can Bon Jovi EZ Int no 07/2023
Best Bad Friend Michael Patrick Kelly
Rea Garvey
EZ yes 10/2022
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) Mika EZ Int no 07/2010
Bonfire Heart James Blunt EZ no 11/2013
Bonnie & Clyde Fantasy EZ Int no 10/2018
Boot Scootin' Boogie Brooks & Dunn EZ no 10/2022
Break My Stride Blue Lagoon EZ Int yes 07/2010
Cajun Hoedown Karen McDawn EZ Int no 08/2013
Candy Robbie Williams EZ no 09/2013
Chances Backstreet Boys EZ no 06/2019
Changes Faul & Wad Ad
EZ no 08/2014
Charlie Brown The Coasters EZ Int no 02/2015
Cheerleader Omi EZ yes 08/2015
Chocolate Soul Control EZ no 08/2009
Club Rocker Inna Int no 09/2015
Cocoon Milky Chance EZ Int no 10/2017
Come Baby Come DJ Antoine EZ no 07/2012
Consider me gone Reba McEntire Int no 04/2011
Country Roads Hermes House Band Basic no 08/2009
Cowboy und Indianer Olaf Henning EZ Int no 07/2009
Cowgirl's Saddle Garth Brooks EZ Int no 02/2011
Cuckoo Adam Lambert Int no 06/2020
Dan The Banjo Man Dan The Banjo Man Basic no 08/2009
Dance Like Yo Daddy Meghan Trainor EZ Int no 04/2019
Dance Tonight Paul McCartney EZ yes 04/2011
Dancin' (A Catchy Rhythm) Jay Smith
Vasile Sirli
EZ no 11/2011 or "Turning Vine"
Death to My Hometown Bruce Springsteen EZ no 07/2013
Deeper than the Holler Randy Travis EZ no 03/2012
Die Tage werden anders sein Johannes Oerding EZ Int no 10/2023
Dig A Little Deeper Jenifer Lewis
The Pinnacle Gospel Choir
EZ Int experimental 11/2023
Do You Know? - The Ping-Pong-Song Enrique Iglesias Basic no 07/2009
Doctor Jones Aqua Int no 07/2010
Don't gimme that (TK ad. , ) The BossHoss Basic yes 07/2012
Dov'è L'Amore Cher Int no 11/2010
Dreams Gabrielle EZ Int no 11/2016
Dreams are Ten a Penny Kincade EZ no 07/2010
Drunk in the morning Lukas Graham EZ no 02/2013
Easy Street The Collapsable Hearts Club
Jim Bianco
Petra Haden
EZ no 05/2020
Endless Summer Oceana EZ no 02/2013
Erdbeerkuchen AnnenMayKantereit Basic experimental 04/2023
Es gibt nur Wasser Santiano Int no 02/2014
Ex's and Oh's (MB ad. , ) Elle King Adv no 08/2023 Buck Ending
Except for Monday Lorrie Morgan EZ Int no 11/2012
Famous People Brad Paisley EZ no 04/2011
Feel the Rush Shaggy
Trix & Flix
EZ Int no 08/2009
Fishin' In The Dark Nitty Gritty Dirt Band EZ yes 05/2010
Flowers Miley Cyrus Int no 04/2024
Follow Me (JG ad. , ) Sam Feldt
Rita Ora
EZ no 10/2022
Forever and Ever Amen (SM ad. , AH) Randy Travis Basic no 11/2010
Forever and Ever Amen (SM ad. , EG) Randy Travis EZ no 06/2010
Get Down Gilbert O'Sullivan EZ Int no 02/2011
Glueck Fäaschtbänkler EZ Int no 04/2018
Good Grief Bastille EZ Int no 07/2017
Goodbye Sasha Basic no 06/2011
Grenade Bruno Mars EZ Int yes 06/2011
Grow Up Olly Murs Basic no 07/2017
Halley Came to Jackson Mary Chapin Carpenter Basic no 02/2012
Happy People Mr. President EZ Int yes 07/2010
Heaven Is a Place on Earth Virus Inc. Int no 11/2010
Help pour out the Rain Buddy Jewell EZ no 02/2013
Hey Brother (YC ad. , ) Avicii EZ Int no 05/2014
Hey there Delilah Plain White Ts Int no 02/2013
Home Jack Savoretti EZ no 03/2016
Home to Louisiana Ann Tayler EZ no 07/2010
Hot Fudge Robbie Williams Int no 08/2010
Hustle Pink EZ no 10/2022
Hymn For The Weekend Coldplay EZ Int no 08/2019
I do Colbie Caillat Basic no 06/2011
I Don't Feel Hate Jendrik EZ experimental 07/2023
I Feel Lucky (NF ad. , CW) Mary Chapin Carpenter Int no 02/2011
I Just Can't Wait To Be King Disney Characters
Geoff Hoyle
Kajuana Shuford
Scott Irby-Ranniar
EZ Int no 07/2010
I Like Lisa Ajax EZ Int no 11/2019
I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas Gretchen Wilson EZ Int no 01/2015
I Will Dance Katzenjammer EZ Int no 11/2011
I'd Rather Be With You Joshua Radin Int no 02/2011
I'm Gonna Get You Good Shania Twain Int no 04/2015
I'm Still Waiting Sasha Basic no 08/2019
I'm Yours Jason Mraz Basic no 07/2009
Ich geh in Flammen auf Rosenstolz EZ Int no 07/2010
If a Song Could Get Me You Marit Larsen EZ Int no 09/2009
Is There Life Out There Reba McEntire EZ Int no 02/2012
It Ain´t Me Kygo
Selena Gomez
Int no 04/2020
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Brian Hyland EZ Int no 06/2011
Jeden Samstag Wise Guys EZ no 06/2011
Jetzt geht's los Höhner EZ no 08/2009
Jolene The BossHoss EZ Int no 02/2017
Joy Bastille EZ no 08/2019
Jump Rope Blue October EZ Int no 07/2014
Just Dance Lady Gaga EZ Int no 09/2009
Kalimba de Luna Garcia Int no 11/2013
Kill the DJ Green Day Int no 11/2012
Killer Queen Queen Int no 10/2013
Land of Dreaming Masterboy Int no 02/2012
Last Night Chris Anderson
DJ Robbie
Int experimental 10/2023
Lay Your Love On Me BWO (Bodies Without Organs) Int no 11/2010
LDN Lily Allen EZ no 07/2010
Lemon Tree Fool's Garden Basic yes 08/2009
Little Talks Of Monsters And Men Int no 11/2012
Long Hard Road Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Basic no 02/2012
Long Live Rock and Roll Daughtry EZ Int no 08/2015
Lookin' out my back door Creedence Clearwater Revival EZ Int no 06/2011
Louisiana Saturday Night Mel McDaniel EZ no 02/2012
Love Shine a Light Katrina and the Waves EZ no 11/2010
Mambo T-Control Int no 07/2010
Manic Monday The Bangles EZ no 02/2012
Maps Maroon 5 Int no 08/2015
Maria Ricky Martin High Int no 03/2016
Mixed Up World Sophie Ellis-Bextor Int no 11/2010
Morgengrau Lichtjahr Basic no 08/2013
Mountain Music Alabama EZ Int yes 03/2024
Moviestar Harpo EZ Int no 11/2010
Mr. Sandman Emmylou Harris EZ yes 07/2013
Need You Now Lady Antebellum EZ no 02/2014
Never Going Home Kungs EZ Int no 10/2022
New Soul Yael Naim Basic yes 07/2009
No Milk Today Herman´s Hermits EZ Int no 05/2020
Not Like That (MB ad. , ) Ashley Tisdale Adv no 10/2022
Oh What a Love Nitty Gritty Dirt Band EZ Int no 08/2010
Old Dan Tucker Patrick Feeney Basic no 11/2016
Old Hippie Bellamy Brothers EZ Int no 06/2019
Only Thing We Know Alle Farben
Kevin Jones
EZ Int no 05/2020
Pack die Badehose ein Frank Zander Basic no 08/2009
Papa loved Mama Garth Brooks EZ Int no 11/2012
Photosynthesis Frank Turner EZ Int no 11/2016
Play My Darling Play Katzenjammer Basic no 07/2010
Push the Button (AK ad. , ) Sugababes EZ no 08/2009
Que Sera Mi Vida (If You Should Go) Gibson Brothers Int no 10/2014
Que Sera Sera Hermes House Band n/a no 04/2020
Radio Ga Ga DJ Bobo Basic no 08/2015
Reality (AK ad. , ) Lost Frequencies EZ no 07/2017
Rhythm CC Smugglers EZ Int no 07/2017
Rhythm Of Life US 5 Basic no 08/2009
Rhythm of the Rain The Cascades EZ no 08/2009
Riding Free Maisy Stella EZ Int no 04/2020
River Eminem
Ed Sheeran
EZ Int no 05/2020
Rockabye (DS ad. , ) Clean Bandit
Sean Paul
EZ Int no 07/2017
Rompin' Stompin' Scooter Lee EZ Int no 08/2023
Roundabouts Michael Patrick Kelly Basic no 06/2019
Run Runaway Slade EZ no 07/2010
Sail Away The Oak Ridge Boys Basic no 02/2013
Salutation EES
Mama Afrika
EZ no 05/2020
Satellite (AK ad. , ) Lena Meyer-Landrut Basic no 08/2010
Satellite (RM ad. , ) Lena Meyer-Landrut Int no 04/2012
Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) Big & Rich EZ Int no 07/2010
Save Your Kisses For Me Brotherhood Of Man EZ experimental 07/2023
Sax (OK, DS, PF, SK, EG ad. , ) Fleur East Adv no 11/2016
Seldom Sober Paddy Goes To Holyhead Basic no 12/2011
Sie schreit nur noch bei Zalando Ina Müller EZ no 02/2015
Sinner Andy Grammer EZ Int no 11/2016
Smack Dab in the Middle of Love Lionel Cartwright Int no 08/2010
Sober Pink EZ no 07/2009
Something in the Water Brooke Fraser EZ Int no 02/2012
Splash Bibi & Tina
Peter Plate
Ulf Leo Sommer
Basic experimental 07/2023
St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion) John Parr Int no 09/2023
Sticks and Stones Arlissa EZ Int no 09/2013
Still In Love With You Electro Velvet EZ no 08/2015
Stimme EFF EZ no 11/2016
Stop Me From Falling Kylie Minogue Basic no 05/2020
Straight Up Paula Abdul Basic yes 08/2009
Street Talk Kathy Mattea EZ no 07/2010
Sugar Robin Schulz
Francesco Yates
EZ Int no 11/2016
Sugar Rush A*Teens EZ no 07/2010
Summer Dreaming (DS ad. , ) Kate Yanai Basic no 07/2010
Summer Paradise (OK ad. , ) Simple Plan EZ Int no 05/2012
Sun Do Shine Glen Campbell EZ no 07/2009
Superjeilezick Brings EZ no 04/2020
Sweat (A La La La La Long) (OK ad. , ) Inner Circle EZ Int no 09/2012
Sweet about me Gabriela Cilmi Basic no 07/2010
Tage wie diese Die Toten Hosen EZ Int no 02/2013
Tanzen (MB, BB, MC, IZ, FE, BF, JG, SK, HL, GM, VM, SP, CT, GU, Nv, CW, SV, KR, TK ad. , ) Rockstroh EZ Int no 12/2010
Tanzen (MB, BB, MC, IZ, BF, JG, SK, HL, GM, VM, SP, CT, GU, Nv, CW, SV, KR ad. , SK, GM) Rockstroh EZ Int no 04/2011
Thank You Very Much Margaret EZ Int no 06/2020
That Man Caro Emerald EZ Int yes 03/2016
That's What I Like About You Trisha Yearwood EZ yes 02/2012
The Art of Entertainment Cathy Kimlicko Basic no 02/2012
The Best Of All Possible Worlds Kris Kristofferson EZ Int no 05/2020
The Longest Time Billy Joel Basic no 02/2015
The More Boys I Met Carrie Underwood EZ Int no 04/2017
The Words 'I Love You' Chris de Burgh EZ Int no 07/2010
Thinking of Me Olly Murs EZ Int no 06/2011
This Is Me Keala Settle
The Greatest Showman Ensemble
Int no 10/2022
This is the life Amy Macdonald EZ no 07/2010
Too Strong To Break Beccy Cole EZ Int no 04/2018
Top Of The World Carpenters
Lynn Anderson
EZ yes 07/2009
Umbrella Rihanna
Basic no 02/2014
Vive le Swing In-Grid Int no 11/2011
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Wham EZ no 07/2010
Walpurgisnacht Faun EZ Int no 01/2016
We Are One People Aswad EZ no 06/2010
We Weren't Born to Follow Bon Jovi EZ Int no 07/2010
Welcome To St. Tropez DJ Antoine
EZ Int no 02/2014
Wellerman Nathan Evans Basic experimental 04/2024
Wenn I mit dir tanz Nicki EZ no 08/2015
Western Skies Chris LeDoux Basic no 02/2013
What makes you beautiful One Direction EZ Int no 02/2013
When She Cries Restless Heart Int no 03/2016
When We Stand Together Nickelback Basic no 02/2012
When You Know Shawn Colvin Basic no 02/2013
While Away Eagle-Eye Cherry EZ no 05/2019
Whistle (DS ad. , ) Flo Rida EZ no 11/2012
Who Put The Bomp The Overtones EZ no 03/2016
Wolke 4 Philipp Dittberner
EZ Int no 03/2019
Wonderland Passion Fruit EZ Int no 07/2010
You Came Kim Wilde EZ Int no 08/2009
Zuhause Adel Tawil
EZ Int no 11/2014
Zusammen Die Fantastischen 4
Int no 03/2024

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