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Comments on Turkey
All Cried Out No Angels EZ Int no 08/2010
All Good Things (Come to an End) Nelly Furtado EZ Int no 08/2009
All Men Are Liars Nick Lowe EZ Int no 07/2010
Anywhere (JR ad. , ) Passenger Int no 02/2017
Anywhere (SP ad. , ) Rita Ora Int no 04/2018
Bacco Perbacco (CS ad. , ) Zucchero Int no 07/2009
Back in the World David Gray EZ Int no 02/2015
Bad Michael Jackson EZ Int no 02/2013
Best Bad Friend Michael Patrick Kelly
Rea Garvey
EZ yes 10/2022
Best Day Of My Life American Authors EZ Int yes 02/2015
Big Blue Tree Michael English Int no 11/2016
Blow Boys Blow Santiano EZ Int no 08/2013
Blue Night Shadow Miss Kookie EZ Int no 02/2013
Bound Around Paddy Goes To Holyhead EZ Int experimental 07/2023
Can't Stop The Feeling Justin Timberlake EZ Int no 11/2016
Can´t Say No Olly Murs EZ Int no 06/2020
Captain Hook Chipz Int no 08/2010
Celtic Kittens Ronan Hardiman EZ Int no 05/2024
Cheeseburger In Paradise Jimmy Buffett EZ Int no 06/2019
Closing Time Semisonic EZ Int no 08/2009
Cocoon Milky Chance EZ Int no 10/2017
Cowboy und Indianer Olaf Henning EZ Int no 07/2009
Denglisch Wise Guys EZ Int no 07/2010
Denial Sugababes EZ Int no 07/2009
Diggin' in the dirt (GG ad. , ) Stefanie Heinzmann EZ Int no 07/2012
Do You Wanna Dance With Me Bellamy Brothers EZ Int no 05/2020
Domino Jessie J. High Int no 05/2020
Don't Worry Madcon
Ray Dalton
EZ Int no 04/2024
Dreams are Ten a Penny Kincade EZ no 07/2010
El Baño Enrique Iglesias
Bad Bunny
EZ Int no 02/2020
Euphoria Loreen Int no 11/2012
Except for Monday Lorrie Morgan EZ Int no 11/2012
Familiar Liam Payne
J. Balvin
Int no 03/2019
Famous People Brad Paisley EZ no 04/2011
Far Away Paddy Goes To Holyhead EZ Int experimental 04/2024
Fire (DD ad. , ) Barns Courtney Int no 05/2024
Fishin' In The Dark Nitty Gritty Dirt Band EZ yes 05/2010
Flowers Miley Cyrus Int no 04/2024
Follow Me (JG ad. , ) Sam Feldt
Rita Ora
EZ no 10/2022
Forever and for Always Shania Twain EZ Int no 11/2010
Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater Revival Int no 10/2016
Geronimo (MB ad. , ) Aura Dione EZ Int no 05/2020
Get Down Gilbert O'Sullivan EZ Int no 02/2011
Got a little Country Blake Shelton High Int no 04/2012
Happy (EG ad. , ) Pharrell Williams EZ Int no 11/2023
Happy (BB ad. , ) Ian Hooper EZ Int experimental 11/2023
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus
Mark Keaei'i Ho'omalu
EZ Int no 03/2016
Heaven Is a Place on Earth Virus Inc. Int no 11/2010
Here Tonight Brett Young Int no 05/2019
Hey Brother (TK ad. , ) Avicii Int no 05/2014
Hey there Delilah Plain White Ts Int no 02/2013
High Society Betty Who Int no 05/2019
Hit the Road Jack (SP ad. , ) Hermes House Band EZ Int no 11/2010
Hooked On Classics Louis Clark Int experimental 10/2022
James Bond Theme Moby EZ Int no 04/2020
Jeck Yeah! Brings EZ Int experimental 10/2022
Jeden Samstag Wise Guys EZ no 06/2011
Jetzt ist Sommer Wise Guys EZ no 02/2012
Johnny Tulloch The Rankins EZ Int no 04/2016
Johnny Went to the War Paddy Goes To Holyhead EZ Int no 11/2023
Jolene The BossHoss EZ Int no 02/2017
Jump Rope Blue October EZ Int no 07/2014
Knee Deep Zac Brown Band
Jimmy Buffett
Adv yes 04/2020
Ladies Love Country Boys Trace Adkins Int no 07/2009
Las Vegas (in the hills of Donegal) Goats don't shave Int no 03/2012
Lash Out Alice Merton Int no 06/2019
Last Night Chris Anderson
DJ Robbie
Int experimental 10/2023
Le Long De La Route Zaz EZ Int no 02/2017
Leap of Faith Lionel Cartwright Int no 07/2010
Lieder an die Liebe Bernhard Brink EZ Int no 11/2014
Like A Virgin Texas Lightning Int no 08/2009
Long Live Rock and Roll Daughtry EZ Int no 08/2015
Lookin' out my back door Creedence Clearwater Revival EZ Int no 06/2011
Make Me Feel Janelle Monáe High Int no 06/2020
Mambo T-Control Int no 07/2010
Mein Kleiner Grüner Kaktus Comedian Harmonists EZ Int no 05/2020
Miss Me More Kelsea Ballerini EZ Int experimental 03/2024
Move in the right direction Gossip Int no 02/2014
Moviestar Harpo EZ Int no 11/2010
Nervous Shawn Mendes EZ Int no 05/2019
Nitty Gritty Kimberly Cole EZ Int no 10/2016
Nothin' New Under the Moon LeAnn Rimes Int no 05/2011
One Heart Celine Dion EZ Int yes 06/2010
One Promise Too Late Reba McEntire EZ Int no 07/2010
One To Make Her Happy Marque EZ Int yes 08/2009
Painkiller Jason Derulo
Meghan Trainor
EZ Int no 01/2016
Photosynthesis Frank Turner EZ Int no 11/2016
Pocketful of Sunshine Natasha Bedingfield EZ no 08/2013
President Of Boarderland Glow Int no 08/2009
Proud to Be a Housewife Kelly Newton-Wordsworth EZ Int no 11/2010
Reality (AK ad. , ) Lost Frequencies EZ no 07/2017
Relax (Take It Easy) Mika Int no 07/2010
Revolution Stefanie Heinzmann EZ Int yes 06/2011
Riding Free Maisy Stella EZ Int no 04/2020
River Eminem
Ed Sheeran
EZ Int no 05/2020
Rockabye (DS ad. , ) Clean Bandit
Sean Paul
EZ Int no 07/2017
Rosana Wax EZ Int no 08/2013
Secrets Pink EZ Int no 05/2020
Senorita Shawn Mendes
Camila Cabello
Int experimental 04/2024
Shake Hands Drafi Deutscher EZ no 07/2012
Shake it off Taylor Swift High Int no 08/2015
Sister Kate The Ditty Bobs EZ Int no 02/2017
Smile Sheppard EZ Int no 03/2016
Solo Dance Martin Jensen EZ Int no 04/2017
Somebody that I used to know Gotye EZ Int no 11/2012
Song for Sophie Aura Dione EZ Int no 02/2012
South Of The Border Ed Sheeran
Camila Cabello
Cardi B
EZ Int no 04/2020
Stack It Up Liam Payne
A Boogie wit da Hoody
EZ Int no 04/2020
StarWars Pohlmann Int no 09/2013
Story Of My Life One Direction Int no 08/2015
Straight To You Ricky Skaggs EZ Int no 07/2009
Street Talk Kathy Mattea EZ no 07/2010
Summer Holiday Cliff Richard EZ Int no 08/2009
Summer Is A Curse The Faim High Int no 08/2019
Summer Sunshine The Corrs Int no 05/2020
Tanzen (MB, BB, MC, IZ, FE, BF, JG, SK, HL, GM, VM, SP, CT, GU, Nv, CW, SV, KR, TK ad. , ) Rockstroh EZ Int no 12/2010
Tanzen (MB, BB, MC, IZ, BF, JG, SK, HL, GM, VM, SP, CT, GU, Nv, CW, SV, KR ad. , SK, GM) Rockstroh EZ Int no 04/2011
Tell Him Vonda Shepard EZ Int no 07/2010
Thank You Lena Meyer-Landrut EZ Int no 06/2019
The Days Avicii Int no 02/2015
The More Boys I Met Carrie Underwood EZ Int no 04/2017
The Rigga-Ding-Dong-Song Passion Fruit Int no 03/2016
There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back Shawn Mendes EZ Int no 09/2023
Too Strong To Break Beccy Cole EZ Int no 04/2018
Werstoffhof MC Bruddaal High Int no 03/2024
What Made You Say That Shania Twain EZ Int no 07/2010
Whataya want from me Adam Lambert Adv no 08/2013
When Can I See You Again Owl City Int no 06/2019
When Love Takes Over David Guetta
Kelly Rowland
High Int no 02/2012
When You Look At Me Christina Milian Adv no 02/2012
Wishing Girl Lola Marsh EZ Int no 03/2018
World In Our Hands Taio Cruz EZ Int no 07/2016
Wrapped Up In You Garth Brooks High Int no 04/2017
Wrong Girl Cleo Kelly EZ Int experimental 05/2023
Yes Merry Clayton Int no 07/2010
You Are All I Need Wagner Love EZ Int no 07/2010
You Came Kim Wilde EZ Int no 08/2009
Zuhause Adel Tawil
EZ Int no 11/2014

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