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Artist Level
Why So Serious Alice Merton EZ no 06/2019
Whistle (CW ad. , ) Jax Jones
Calum Scott
Basic yes 08/2023
Whenever Wherever Shakira Int no 03/2023
When You Look At Me Christina Milian Adv no 02/2012
Wellerman Nathan Evans Basic experimental 04/2024
We go together John Travolta
Olivia Newton John
Basic no 07/2012
Upside Down (JD ad. , CW) A*Teens EZ Int yes 11/2023
Traum Cro EZ Int no 03/2023
The Dragon Paddy Goes To Holyhead EZ Int yes 07/2010
Summer Holiday Cliff Richard EZ Int no 08/2009
Straight Up Paula Abdul Basic yes 08/2009
Story Of My Life One Direction Int no 08/2015
Stardust Lena Meyer-Landrut Basic no 08/2015
Seldom Sober Paddy Goes To Holyhead Basic no 12/2011
Run Storm & Stone EZ experimental 07/2023
Restless Heart Niila Int no 07/2017
President Of Boarderland Glow Int no 08/2009
Poppa Joe Party Animals High Int yes 08/2009
Party Time Gloria Estefan EZ Int no 06/2011
Not Like That (RH, JH ad. , MB) Ashley Tisdale EZ Int no 07/2010
No Limit 2 Unlimited Int no 04/2018
Nervous Shawn Mendes EZ Int no 05/2019
Mr. Arrow Key Lena Meyer-Landrut EZ Int experimental 04/2024
Lovin' Each Day Ronan Keating High Int no 12/2010
Lord Of The Dance (CW ad. , ) Five Alive 'O Beg yes 07/2023
Like I Love You Lost Frequencies
EZ Int no 06/2019
Lie To Me Mikoslas Josef Int no 10/2022
Jump Rope Blue October EZ Int no 07/2014
Jetzt ist Sommer Wise Guys EZ no 02/2012
I Just Wanna Live Good Charlotte Basic no 07/2009
I Feel Lucky (NF ad. , CW) Mary Chapin Carpenter Int no 02/2011
Get On Your Feet Gloria Estefan Int no 07/2010
Everything At Once Lenka Basic no 07/2017
Dreams are Ten a Penny Kincade EZ no 07/2010
Change Daniel Merriweather Int no 11/2012
Banana Coco (CW ad. , BB) Liza Da Costa Basic yes 07/2010
Banana Coco (CW ad. , Nv) Liza Da Costa Basic no 06/2011
Banana Coco (CW) Liza Da Costa Basic no 02/2015

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