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Artist Level
Comments on Double Basic
I Feel Lonely Sasha Adv no 03/2016
She Keeps Me Up Nickelback Adv no 05/2020 Buck Double Basic
Floatin´ Uncle Kracker Adv no 05/2020
Song of the South Alabama Adv yes 02/2012
My Heart Ain't That Broken Leslie Clio Adv experimental 09/2015
All About It Hoodie Allen
Ed Sheeran
Adv experimental 07/2017
Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard Paul Simon Adv experimental 05/2020
Sin Pijama Becky G
Natti Natasha
Adv no 05/2020
Blurred Lines Robin Thicke High Int experimental 02/2015
Je Suis Chez Moi Black M High Int no 02/2017
Where The Devil Don't Go Elle King High Int no 02/2017
People Loving People Garth Brooks High Int experimental 08/2015
Amarillo Hermes House Band High Int no 07/2012
Blink Of An Eye Ricochet High Int experimental 07/2019
Your Song Rita Ora Int experimental 06/2019
Knick Knack Paddy Wack Michael Patrick Kelly Int no 08/2019
My Number One Elena Paparizou Int no 02/2017
Can't break a broken heart Nick Howard Int experimental 11/2016
Everything We Do Bastian Baker Int no 11/2016
Sax (GL ad. ) Fleur East Int no 03/2016
Smack Dab in the Middle of Love Lionel Cartwright Int no 08/2010
Come Alive Years & Years
Jess Glynne
Int no 11/2019
When Can I See You Again Owl City Int experimental 06/2019
Monsterparty Die Ärzte Int no 01/2016
Echte Hexen Isartaler Hexen Int no 01/2016
I'd Rather Be With You Joshua Radin Int no 02/2011
The Heart Needtobreathe Int no 04/2015
Wrapped Up Olly Murs
Travie McCoy
Int no 02/2015
It's My Life Bon Jovi Int no 11/2011
Anders Als Geplant voXXclub Int no 02/2015
Against the Grain Garth Brooks Int no 02/2014
Es gibt nur Wasser Santiano Int no 02/2014
Jigsaw Ryan Sheridan Int no 02/2014
Las Vegas (in the hills of Donegal) Goats don't shave Int no 03/2012
Closer Frida Amundsen Int no 04/2012
Oceanside Again Sons of Maxwell Int no 06/2011
The Outfield The Night Game Int experimental 09/2018
Fire Under My Feet Leona Lewis EZ Int experimental 09/2018
No Such Thing As A Broken Heart Old Dominion EZ Int no 01/2018
Bing Bang Boom Highway 101 EZ Int no 02/2015
Wishing Girl Lola Marsh EZ Int no 03/2018
Best Is Yet To Come LuvBug EZ Int no 04/2018
El Baño Enrique Iglesias
Bad Bunny
EZ Int no 02/2020
Spielerfrau Olli Schulz EZ Int no 02/2017
Allez Ola Olé Jessy Matador EZ Int no 03/2019
Life Goes On DJ Bobo EZ Int no 02/2017
Smile Sheppard EZ Int no 03/2016
P.D.A (We just don't care) John Legend EZ Int no 05/2014
There´s Nothing Holdin´ Me Back Shawn Mendes EZ Int experimental 04/2020
Morgen Johannes Oerding EZ Int no 03/2016
The Bull Kip Moore EZ Int experimental 05/2020
The Best Of All Possible Worlds Kris Kristofferson EZ Int experimental 05/2020
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Brian Hyland EZ Int no 06/2011
River Eminem
Ed Sheeran
EZ Int experimental 05/2020
Cowgirl's Saddle Garth Brooks EZ Int no 02/2011
Friday At The Dance Michael English EZ Int no 05/2020
Who Put The Bomp The Overtones EZ no 03/2016
Superjeilezick Brings EZ no 04/2020
Salutation EES
Mama Afrika
EZ experimental 05/2020
Home Jack Savoretti EZ no 03/2016
Bonfire Heart James Blunt EZ no 11/2013
Thank God I am a Country Boy Billy Dean EZ no 02/2013
Dancin' (A Catchy Rhythm) Jay Smith
Vasile Sirli
EZ no 11/2011
Your Back Yard Burton Cummings EZ no 06/2011
Dance Tonight Paul McCartney EZ yes 04/2011
Street Talk Kathy Mattea EZ no 07/2010
Home to Louisiana Ann Tayler EZ no 07/2010
Sun Do Shine Glen Campbell EZ no 07/2009
Mr. Rock & Roll Amy Macdonald EZ yes 07/2010
Down in a Ditch Joe Diffie Basic no 04/2012
Halley Came to Jackson Mary Chapin Carpenter Basic no 02/2012

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