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Artist Level
Comments on Louisiana Step
All Day Long Garth Brooks High Int experimental 10/2022
Baby Clean Bandit
Marina and the Diamonds
Luis Fonsi
Int no 08/2019
Better when I'm dancin' Meghan Trainor EZ Int experimental 11/2016
Bills Lunchmoney Lewis EZ experimental 08/2015
Dance Monkey Tones and I Int no 11/2019
Don't Be So Shy Imany Int no 02/2017
Early In The Morning Kris Kross Amsterdam
Conor Maynard
High Int experimental 10/2022
Enjoy The Ride Sasha Int no 06/2020
Everything We Do Bastian Baker Int no 11/2016
Glueck Fäaschtbänkler EZ Int experimental 04/2018
Happy Pharrell Williams EZ Int experimental 07/2014
High Hopes Panic! At The Disco EZ Int experimental 05/2019
Jeck Yeah! Brings EZ Int experimental 10/2022
Life's About To Get Good Shania Twain Int no 08/2023
Never Gonna Not Dance Again Pink EZ Int experimental 07/2023
Ooh Scissor Sisters Int no 09/2013
Sing Me To Sleep Alan Walker Int no 02/2017
Solo (SP ad. , ) Blanka Int experimental 07/2023
South Of The Border Ed Sheeran
Camila Cabello
Cardi B
EZ Int no 04/2020
Spreng Die Ketten Nicole Bornkessel
Monika Stengl
Int no 11/2016
Sugar Robin Schulz
Francesco Yates
EZ Int no 11/2016
The More Boys I Met Carrie Underwood EZ Int experimental 04/2017
Timber Pitbull
Int no 04/2014
Welcome To St. Tropez DJ Antoine
EZ Int no 02/2014
Who Let The Frog Out Crazy Frog High Int yes 06/2011
Wishing Girl Lola Marsh EZ Int no 03/2018
Wolke 4 Philipp Dittberner
EZ Int no 03/2019
Wrong Girl Cleo Kelly EZ Int experimental 05/2023

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