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Artist Level
Comments on Basic Kick
All Summer Long Kid Rock Int no 07/2009
Another Day Sophie Ellis-Bextor EZ no 02/2012
Anti-Hero Taylor Swift EZ experimental 07/2023
Anywhere (SP ad. , ) Rita Ora Int no 04/2018
Are Your Eyes Still Blue Shane McAnally EZ Int no 02/2012
Around the world ATC EZ Int no 02/2012
Bacco Perbacco (AK ad. , ) Zucchero Basic no 10/2014
Back in the World David Gray EZ Int no 02/2015
Banjo Boy Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband Adv no 07/2010
Bhaag D.K. Bose Ram Sampath Int no 08/2014
Black Eyes Blue Tears Shania Twain Int no 11/2011
Bones (MB ad. , ) Galantis
EZ Int no 06/2019
Bonfire Heart James Blunt EZ no 11/2013
Bonnie & Clyde Fantasy EZ Int no 10/2018
Bring It All Back S Club 7 EZ Int no 05/2011
Bruises Train
Ashley Monroe
Int no 02/2015
ChaChaCha auf'm Dach Wise Guys Int no 07/2010
Chances Backstreet Boys EZ no 06/2019
Closing Time Semisonic EZ Int no 08/2009
Cocoon Milky Chance EZ Int no 10/2017
Cold Heart Elton John
Dua Lipa
EZ Int no 10/2022
Come Baby Come DJ Antoine EZ no 07/2012
Dan The Banjo Man Dan The Banjo Man Basic no 08/2009
Dance Tonight Paul McCartney EZ yes 04/2011
Dancin' (A Catchy Rhythm) Jay Smith
Vasile Sirli
EZ no 11/2011
Diggin' in the dirt (GG ad. , ) Stefanie Heinzmann EZ Int no 07/2012
Do What U Want Lady Gaga
R. Kelly
EZ Int no 02/2014
Don't Worry Madcon
Ray Dalton
EZ Int no 04/2024
Dreams Gabrielle EZ Int no 11/2016
Dreams are Ten a Penny Kincade EZ no 07/2010
Drei Männer her Ina Müller Int no 12/2010
Drive By (SP ad. , ) Train EZ Int no 11/2016
Drunk in the morning Lukas Graham EZ no 02/2013
Early In The Morning Kris Kross Amsterdam
Conor Maynard
High Int no 10/2022
El Mismo Sol Alvaro Soler EZ Int no 03/2016
Eureka Leslie Clio EZ Int no 09/2015
Eye of the Tiger Survivor Int no 07/2010
Fallin' for You Colbie Caillat Int no 02/2011
Famous People Brad Paisley EZ no 04/2011
Fishin' In The Dark Nitty Gritty Dirt Band EZ yes 05/2010
Forever and for Always Shania Twain EZ Int no 11/2010
Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater Revival Int no 10/2016
Freedom DJ Bobo Int yes 05/2010
Friends Marshmello
EZ no 09/2018
Get On Your Feet Gloria Estefan Int no 07/2010
Girls along the road Fiddler's Green Int no 06/2013
Gone Gone Gone Phillip Phillips EZ Int no 01/2015
Halley Came to Jackson Mary Chapin Carpenter Basic no 02/2012
Here Goes Nothing Michael Schulte EZ Int no 10/2022
Hey Brother (TK ad. , ) Avicii Int no 05/2014
Hit the Road Jack (SP ad. , ) Hermes House Band EZ Int no 11/2010
Holdin' Heaven Tracy Byrd EZ Int no 10/2010
Hooked On Classics Louis Clark Int experimental 10/2022
Hung Up Madonna EZ Int no 07/2010
Hungry Eyes Eric Carmen Int no 03/2023
I'll Be There For You The Rembrands EZ no 07/2009
I'll Make Your Bed Dolly Parton EZ Int no 08/2015
I'm Gonna Get You Good Shania Twain Int no 04/2015
If I Could Asleep At The Wheel EZ Int yes 02/2012
If We Ever Broke Up Mae Stephens EZ Int no 11/2023
Is There Life Out There Reba McEntire EZ Int no 02/2012
It's A Real Good Feeling Peter Kent Basic no 08/2009
It's My Life Bon Jovi Int no 11/2011
J'adore Inna EZ Int no 03/2016
Jamba Jump Anjulie Int no 02/2015
Just Dance Lady Gaga EZ Int no 09/2009
Liar Liar Chris Cab EZ yes 08/2014
Like I Love You Lost Frequencies
EZ Int no 06/2019
Little Red Ridinghood Cartoons Int no 05/2020
Manic Monday The Bangles EZ no 02/2012
Miss Me More Kelsea Ballerini EZ Int experimental 03/2024
Mixed Up World Sophie Ellis-Bextor Int no 11/2010
Monsta Culcha Candela Int no 07/2010
Moviestar Harpo EZ Int no 11/2010
New Rules Dua Lipa Int no 03/2018
Nitty Gritty Kimberly Cole EZ Int no 10/2016
No More Rain Kylie Minogue Int no 07/2009
No No Never Texas Lightning Int no 08/2010
Nothin' New Under the Moon LeAnn Rimes Int no 05/2011
Numb Linkin Park High Int no 11/2013
One Heart Celine Dion EZ Int yes 06/2010
One Promise Too Late Reba McEntire EZ Int no 07/2010
P.D.A (We just don't care) John Legend EZ Int no 05/2014
Painkiller Jason Derulo
Meghan Trainor
EZ Int no 01/2016
Push the Button (DS ad. , ) Sugababes Int no 07/2010
Quark Die Ärzte Int no 02/2012
Relax (Take It Easy) Mika Int no 07/2010
Rhythm Of Life US 5 Basic no 08/2009
River Eminem
Ed Sheeran
EZ Int no 05/2020
Roar Katy Perry EZ no 02/2014
Rock Paper Scissors Katzenjammer Int no 09/2012
Rockabye (DS ad. , ) Clean Bandit
Sean Paul
EZ Int no 07/2017
Sail On By Oysterband Int no 11/2016
Salutation EES
Mama Afrika
EZ no 05/2020
Save Your Kisses For Me Brotherhood Of Man EZ experimental 07/2023
She Don't Know She's Beautiful Sammy Kershaw EZ Int no 02/2011
Sober Pink EZ no 07/2009
Somebody like You (CA ad. , SH) Keith Urban High Int no 05/2015
Sowieso Mark Forster EZ Int no 02/2018
Space Taxi Stefan Raab
Spucky, Kork & Schrotty
Int no 05/2020
Spielerfrau Olli Schulz EZ Int no 02/2017
Stadt Cassandra Steen
Adel Tawil
EZ Int no 07/2010
Stay the Night James Blunt EZ Int no 02/2013
Stimme EFF EZ no 11/2016
Stuck Caro Emerald Int no 03/2016
Sugar Rush A*Teens EZ no 07/2010
Summer of '69 Bryan Adams High Int no 11/2010
Sun Do Shine (JT ad. , BF) Glen Campbell EZ no 07/2009
Sweet But Psycho Ava Max Int experimental 03/2023
Thank God I am a Country Boy Billy Dean EZ no 02/2013
Thank You Lena Meyer-Landrut EZ Int no 06/2019
That don't impress me much Shania Twain Int no 02/2012
That's The Way My Heart Goes Marie Serneholt EZ Int no 07/2009
That's When I Love You Phil Vassar Int no 11/2010
The Best Of All Possible Worlds Kris Kristofferson EZ Int no 05/2020
The Bull Kip Moore EZ Int no 05/2020
The Days Avicii Int no 02/2015
Too Strong To Break Beccy Cole EZ Int no 04/2018
Top Of The World Carpenters
Lynn Anderson
EZ yes 07/2009
Under The Sun Tim Tim EZ Int no 02/2017
Wenn I mit dir tanz Nicki EZ no 08/2015
What Is It About You Bering Strait EZ Int no 07/2010
When Can I See You Again Owl City Int no 06/2019
Whistle (CW ad. , ) Jax Jones
Calum Scott
Basic yes 08/2023
White Lie Foreigner Int no 07/2010
Why So Serious Alice Merton EZ no 06/2019
Wonderland Passion Fruit EZ Int no 07/2010
You Are All I Need Wagner Love EZ Int no 07/2010
You Came Kim Wilde EZ Int no 08/2009
Zuhause Adel Tawil
EZ Int no 11/2014

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