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Artist Level
Comments on Run
Black Eyes Blue Tears Shania Twain Int no 11/2011
CanĀ“t Say No Olly Murs EZ Int no 06/2020
Everybody Backstreet Boys Int no 04/2020 DS ST ST ST ST STO
Fortune Great Big Sea Int no 05/2012
Gambling Man The Overtones Int no 11/2012
Keep My Cool (PF ad. , ) Madcon Int no 06/2020
Last Night Chris Anderson
DJ Robbie
Int experimental 10/2023 Run 4, Run 6, Run 8
Lovers of Light Afro Celt Sound System Adv no 05/2012
Sister Kate The Ditty Bobs EZ Int no 02/2017 Run 7
Somebody that I used to know Gotye EZ Int no 11/2012
Spielerfrau Olli Schulz EZ Int no 02/2017 Run 3

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