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Artist Level
Against the Grain Garth Brooks Int no 02/2014
Blink Of An Eye Ricochet High Int no 07/2019
Bottleneck Bob 2000 Rednex High Int no 03/2016
Dance Twister Alley High Int yes 04/2020
Dirt On My Boots Jon Pardi High Int no 05/2020
Freedom DJ Bobo Int yes 05/2010
I'm Gonna Get You Good Shania Twain Int no 04/2015
Let Me Be the One DJ Bobo Int no 09/2013
Lucky Day Sasha EZ Int no 07/2010
My Front Porch Looking In Lonestar Adv no 11/2011
Paid My Dues Anastacia Adv no 07/2019
Rock My World DJ Bobo Adv no 08/2009
Tanzen (MB, BB, MC, IZ, FE, BF, JG, SK, HL, GM, VM, SP, CT, GU, Nv, CW, SV, KR, TK ad. , ) Rockstroh EZ Int no 12/2010
Tanzen (MB, BB, MC, IZ, BF, JG, SK, HL, GM, VM, SP, CT, GU, Nv, CW, SV, KR ad. , SK, GM) Rockstroh EZ Int no 04/2011
We Are One People Aswad EZ no 06/2010
Where The Blacktop Ends Keith Urban Adv no 08/2019
You Came Kim Wilde EZ Int no 08/2009

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