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Artist Level
Big Blue Tree Michael English Int no 11/2016
Cajun Hoedown Karen McDawn EZ Int no 08/2013
Cheeseburger In Paradise Jimmy Buffett EZ Int no 06/2019
Easy Street The Collapsable Hearts Club
Jim Bianco
Petra Haden
EZ no 05/2020
Friends (From The Angry Birds Movie) Blake Shelton Int no 04/2020
Good Thing Keith Urban High Int no 04/2020
Green Green Grass George Ezra Int yes 10/2022
Heart Skips a Beat (OK ad. , ) Olly Murs Adv yes 08/2019
Heavy Rotation Anastacia High Int no 07/2019
Hillbilly Dirty Dancing Tommy Townsend High Int no 04/2020
Home to Louisiana Ann Tayler EZ no 07/2010
I Play Chicken With The Train Cowboy Troy
Big & Rich
High Int no 02/2017
Joy Bastille EZ no 08/2019
Knee Deep (SG ad. , ) Zac Brown Band
Jimmy Buffett
Adv yes 04/2020
Make Me Feel Janelle MonĂ¡e High Int no 06/2020
Maria Ricky Martin High Int no 03/2016
Mr. Vain Culture Beat Int no 07/2019
My Number One Elena Paparizou Int no 02/2017
Old Dan Tucker Patrick Feeney Basic no 11/2016
Paid My Dues Anastacia Adv no 07/2019
Party In The USA Miley Cyrus Adv no 03/2018
Que me quiten lo bailao Lucia Perez EZ Int no 08/2014
Que Viva La Vida (Chiquitan) Belle Perez EZ Int no 07/2010
Rompin' Stompin' Scooter Lee EZ Int no 08/2023
Roundabouts Michael Patrick Kelly Basic no 06/2019
Shut Up And Dance Walk The Moon Adv yes 08/2019
Sinner Andy Grammer EZ Int no 11/2016
Sister Kate The Ditty Bobs EZ Int no 02/2017
Smile Sheppard EZ Int no 03/2016
Smooth Santana
Rob Thomas
Adv no 04/2020
Sold J.M. Montgomery Adv yes 04/2020
Step That Step Sawyer Brown High Int no 05/2020
Stupid Little Thing Anastacia Adv no 05/2020
Tanzen (MB, BB, MC, IZ, BF, JG, SK, HL, GM, VM, SP, CT, GU, Nv, CW, SV, KR ad. , SK, GM) Rockstroh EZ Int no 04/2011
Tanzen (MB, BB, MC, IZ, FE, BF, JG, SK, HL, GM, VM, SP, CT, GU, Nv, CW, SV, KR, TK ad. , ) Rockstroh EZ Int no 12/2010
The Belle of Liverpool (MC ad. , ) Derek Ryan Int no 07/2019
The Boogie Bumper Walter Weeman's Brass & Singers Int no 01/2018
The Hamsterdance Hampton the Hamster Int no 04/2020
Voodoo Voodoo Mike Sanchez and His Band
Imelda May
Beg no 08/2015
Where The Blacktop Ends Keith Urban Adv no 08/2019
Who Put The Bomp The Overtones EZ no 03/2016
You The BossHoss
Ilse DeLange
Int experimental 08/2023
You Came Kim Wilde EZ Int no 08/2009
Your Back Yard Burton Cummings EZ no 06/2011

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