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Buckeye Trail

Detailed cuesheet information

Title Buckeye Trail
Artist Ray Kelley Band
Level Advanced
Setup Line
Tempo 104 BPM
Choreographer(s) Jeff Driggs
Adapted by
Album Old West
Length 2:58
ECTA-Repertoire no

Files attached to record

Events this song was taught

Event Teacher Comment
10 Years Island Sun Cloggids Anniversary Dance 2010 Jeff Driggs

Steps in this dance

Step Level ECTA Steplist Comment
Basic Basic main list Buck style
Fancy Double Basic main list Buck style
Triple Basic main list Buck style
Joey Intermediate main list Buck style
CanaBuck Advanced not in list
Crossover Buck Advanced not in list
Mountain Moooove Advanced not in list
Drop Heels not classified not in list
Pulls & Basic not classified not in list

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